Thursday, December 1, 2011

Seasonal Hair Loss

Some of my clients have expressed that they notice more hair shedding in the winter months, so I decided to comment on seasonal hair loss.  Our hair goes through stages anagen, catagen and telegen where it grows, rest and is shed from the hair follicle during its life cycle.  During the winter seasons some people have a higher percentage of hairs in the telegen stage, so they will see increased hairs in the comb.  Now is a good time to provide your hair and scalp with special care.  Shampoo your hair less frequently and moisturize it more.  You should apply extra Jojoba Hair Oil or Leave In conditioner to your hair  to keep it nourished and hydrated during the winter months.  Don't forget to cover your hair with a nice scarf  or hat to help protect your hair from the harsh winter weather.  I hope this information is helpful.