Monday, May 5, 2014

Why Your Hair Wan't Grow

Happy Spring!


To all of my beautiful customers out there. How are you feeling today?  If your hair or skin has got you down, I have some good news for you.

 Why Your Hair Want Grow!

As a chemist & research scientist, I have analyzed the hair of thousands of people.  I have been doing clinical research studies for the past 15 years.  My  data reflects that a large number of women and men have been loosing  their hair. Some of the primary reasons why women especially black women are loosing their hair now. is outlined below.

Physical Reasons
Severe Stress, Age, Genetics, Drugs, Toxic Chemicals used by Hair Stylist,  Toxic and Hormone Injected Food, Bad Hair Styles, Some Wigs, Weaves, Perms, Relaxers, Chemical Hair Color etc. 

What can you do?
 If one of the above things could be a factor in your hair problem, you should get a consultation, find a new hair stylist, eat good healthy food and\or learn to care for your own hair I have met hundreds of stylist over the years and many just care about money. My wish is for you to have the head of hair that God designed for you to have.  I believe that I can help those of you who want, need and can still be helped.  Somebody has to care! 

Mental Reasons
Stress from relationships.
Primary from jobs, personal relationships (spouse), children, family members, discrimination, bad neighbors, toxic food, mental fatigue & death of loved one. 

What can you do?
If one of the above things could be a factor in your hair not growing, thinning or loss, you have to decide what is more important to you.  Sometimes you have to find another job or career, leave that man or  tell your children it is time for them to take care of themselves.  If you don't do something your body will soon show major signs of illness in the form of autoimmune diseases or other health problems.

Spiritual Reasons
Many of us are not aware of the spiritual forces that can affect our hair.  Whether you realize it or not, your hair was put on your head by God for a reason.  It is your protection (primary) and beauty (secondary).  You should never allow just anyone to touch your hair, if you do not know enough about them.  People can and do have bad spirits and they can cause your hair to never grow or fallout instantly.  I have seen it happen with clients that have come to me over the years.

Some  people just went to see a hair stylist one time and they now have permanent hair problems.  Most cases result from repeated appointments with  evil hair stylist.  Most stylists don't care, want to make a lot of money or are sometimes jealous.  If you are a believer in God, you must certainly believe in evil.  I say and say again, be careful especially right now.  These are words that God has told me to share with my customers.  He loves and cares about us.  If you want the healthiest hair possible, you must take responsibility for yourself. 

Have a wonderful and blessed day!


Monday, December 9, 2013

Winter Hair Chare

We have officially moved into the cold weather season! The season when hair sheds or becomes dry for many people.  Increased hair is shedding and dryness are signs that the condition of your hair and scalp is changing. If you do not make changes now, You will have a lot less hair in the Spring 2014.  Take a look outside at the trees leaves. You will notice that many have already began to change colors and fall to the ground. This is a natural process of change. Our hair also changes with the seasons. Other things such as hormones, age, diet,  genetics and poor styling methods can also affect our hair. Many of you have been affected by one or more of these things.

Now is the time to seek professional help to learn how to keep the hair on your head.   If you do not know how to care for your hair, seek a good caring stylist.  If you are shedding a lot of hair on a regular basis, this indicates that something is off on the inside of your body.  Perhaps stress, medication or some other condition.  Go to the doctor to make sure that your hormones are in balance or your health is okay.

If you work in an environment with people, one of the first things they will notice is your hair. Always take the time to take good  care of your  hair  by nourishing and protecting it. If you wear wigs, take the time to remove them because they can contribute to hair loss by not allowing oxygen to flow to the hair follicles. God  gave us hair for beauty and protection. 

I recommend that you use the Jojoba Growth Oil and the Aloe & Jojoba Leave-in conditioner to to moisturize and protect your hair against the winter cold air.   Many of our customers in the Chicagoland area know that when it comes to preventing breakage and dry hair, nothing comes close to our products. 
Avoid the use of poor quality ingredients that contain things like petroleum, mineral oil, silicones, synthetic fragrance, dyes and a host of other things that work to cause your follicles to miniaturize over the years. These bad ingredients will eventually make you bald! They have also been linked to cancer.
As a chemist I really care about manufacturing only the finest quality products because my customers are special to me and you deserve nothing less!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012


What you eat, determines not only how you look but how you feel.  Diet is extremely important if you want to have the healthiest hair and skin possible.   The hair papilla that lies at the root of the hair follicle receives its nourishment from the quality of the blood.  Life and death is always in the quality of the blood.  Feed your body the best quality vegetables, fruits, nuts, grains and legumes that you can afford.  It will really make a difference in the quality of hair that that grows from your scalp.  I have seen over the years how some women and mens hair loss is a result of what they put in there bodies.  Avoid the fast and processed foods that contain many chemicals that have been linked to hair loss and cancer.  If you do not take care of you who will?

Tuesday, September 11, 2012


Hello Everyone,

I wanted to inform you all that I will be on the radio (WVON 1690 AM) this week. The information is as follows. Please tell all of your family and friends to tune in this week. Thursday, Sept. 13th, from 8:35am - 8:45am. I will be speaking about fall tips for hair health.  Please post and tweet my info to people you know. Also remind them to like the Ashley Lauren page.

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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

FDA Considers Lead Limits For Lipstick

FDA Considers Lead Limits For Lipstick. The FDA has found low levels of lead in 400 brands of lipstick, prompting a coalition of advocacy groups called the campaign for safe cosmetics to renew and push for strict limits on the neurotoxin metal in cosmetics. For more information on this topic see Ashley Lauren

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Natural Cosmetic Companies Sued For Mislabeling Products

 Cosmetic products are far less regulated than you might think, and now several popular hair and skin care companies are being sued over their use of the word "organic." While companies claim their products are more natural than that of their competitors, a watchdog group found many products don't have the required amount of organic ingredients, and some even contain potentially toxic chemicals.
The Center for Environmental Health (CEH) filed a class action lawsuit against 26 cosmetics companies for allegedly violating a California law that says products must contain at least 70% organic ingredients to use the term on packaging.
CEH decided to file the suit after its researchers performed tests on beauty items bought at several Bay Area stores including Target, Walgreens, and Whole Foods. Based on their ingredients lists, these "organic" products contained very few, or in some cases no ingredients considered organic. The group said in a press release:
Some of the "organic" labeled products contain ingredients linked to health concerns. For example, a "Kids Hair Softening System" made by the company "Organics by Africa's Best" contains BHA and cocamide DEA, chemicals that have been classified as cancer-causing by government agencies, triethanolamine, which has caused asthma in exposed workers, and parabens, chemicals that have disrupted hormones in laboratory tests. The package, colorfully decorated with images of young girls, warns: "Keep away from eyes. Can cause blindness…Serious injury can result…if ingested…" and "Keep out of reach of children."
CEH has compiled a list of all 26 brands named in the suit and an example of one of the allegedly mislabeled items, though there are many more. If you've bought any so called natural beauty product in the past few years, there's a good chance items made by these companies are in your home.
  •  Namasté Laboratories: Organic Root Stimulator Olive Oil Replenishing Pak
  • Kinky-Curly Hair Care: Kinky-Curly Spiral Spritz
  • Curls, LLC: Curlicious Curls Cleansing Cream Organic Shampoo
  • Shea Moisture, Sundial Brands/ Shea Moisture Organic Raw Shea Butter Moisture  Shampoo
  • Nubian Heritage Group/Sundial Group LLC: Coconut & Papaya with Vanilla Bean  Body Wash
  • Advantage Research Laboratories, Inc./Murray's Worldwide, Inc.: Parnevu T-Tree No Lye  Relaxer
  •  Strength of Nature Global, LLC: Elasta QP Intense Fortifying Hair Conditioning Treatment
  • Colomer U.S.A.: Crème of Nature Kiwi & Citrus Ultra Moisturizing Shampoo
  •  Aubrey Organics, Inc: Collagen & Almond Enriching Moisturizing Lotion
  • Beauty Without Cruelty/Lotus Brands, Inc: Organic Aromatherapy Facial Cleanser
  • Boots Retail USA Inc: Boots Amazon Forest Brazil Nut & Vanilla Body Wash
  • California Inside & Out, Inc: Out of Africa Handwash Tea Tree with Essential Oil
  • Cosway Company, Inc/Head Organics Company: Clearly Head Conditioner
  • derma e® Natural Bodycare/Stearns Products, Inc: Psorzema Body Wash
  • Hain Celestial Group: Jason Thin-to-Thick Conditioner and Baby Avalon Organics Silky  Baby Powder
  • House of Cheatham, Inc: Organics by Africa's Best Hair Mayonnaise
  • International Trade Routes of New York, Inc/Laboratorios Phergal: Naturtint Green Technologies Kiss My Face Corporation: Hold Up Styling Mousse
  • Lafe's Natural BodyCare/Lafe T. Larson, Inc: Deodorant Stone With Holder
  • Morrocco Method, Inc: Euro Organic Oil Simply Pure Hair & Scalp Therapy
  • Nature's Baby Products, Inc: Nature's Baby ORGANICS Shampoo & Body Wash in Vanilla-Tangerine Scent or Lavender-Chamomile Scent
  • Nutrition Resource, Inc. dba NutriBiotic: NutriBiotic Everyday Clean Conditioner Botanical Blend
  • Rainbow Research Corporation: Rainbow Baby Oh Baby Unscented Organic Herbal Shampoo
  • Renpure, L.L.C: Renpure Organics I Love My Hair! Body and Shine Shampoo
  • The Himalaya Drug Company: Organique by Himalaya Toothpaste
  • Todd Christopher International, Inc/Vogue International: Hydrating Teatree Mint Conditioner
  • Cosway Company, Inc/Head Organics Company: Clearly Head Conditioner
If these claims are proven to be true, these brands are going to have plenty of upset customers.   Consumers need to investigate the brands and the products that they are using.  Always go with a trusted manufacturer that you know something about.  Manufacturers need to be concerned with more than just profits.  Consumers also deserve truth in labeling.  When we read the packaging on bottles or jars the ingredients should be there and they should be safe!

Georgia The Chemist


Hello Ladies and Gents,

I hope all is well with your health and your hair.  I know that it has been a minute since I updated my blog.  I have been busy in the laboratory making hair and skin care products.   I am super passionate about beautiful skin and healthy, growing, strong hair.  I hope that you all have been taking good care of yours.  Remember that it is very important  to cover your hair during theses winter months.  Don't forget to use your jojoba oil on a regular basis to guarantee lovely tresses this spring.
Ashley Lauren will have a new skin cream available this year for (Melasma) Dark Spots on the face. 
Stay tuned:
Yours truly,
Georgia The Chemist